Monday, December 31, 2012

SWAHA !!!!

Early last year two trusted healers told me that 2012 was going to be a year of transition, of many things that had long been kept secret coming into the light to be transformed and healed. I was on high alert for most of the year watching and learning as many things began to shift. 
Long held family secrets came to the surface, my fathers health began to decline and my relationship began to take on a new dynamic. Things were certainly shifting and transforming. There were a lot of tears, betrayals and miscommunication. As painful as some of the things that happened were, it allowed for a deepening of a of love, understanding, compassion and surrender. But this didn't come without practice. It is not exactly intuitive to practice loving kindness towards someone who is actively lying, stealing and trying to deceive you. But if you practice trying to stay non-reactive and in the present moment and just witness- you can sense the fear, the shame and the trauma that is causing them to act in ways that are not congruent with their true nature and maybe not even aligned with who they really wish to be. In doing this you can see how you react out of those same places of pain and fear in your own interactions and decisions. It is this realization that can help to dissolve the walls of separation that we so easily erect when we judge others. This dissolution creates a softening that allows you to see and experience so much more than is visibly apparent. As we practice this more and more we learn how to witness and respond as opposed to react.
When my father transitioned several weeks ago he gave me a very powerful initiation and for a moment the veil was lifted. And in those last moments I was able to source from teachings I had learned from my teachers to hold space for a peaceful transition for him. I wonder where I would be without those teachers?
As we move forward in this next year hopefully we will be able to take the fruits of the lessons that we have learned and use them to sustain us through even more growth and transformation. Being an example to others is a powerful way for us to share and reinforce what we have learned. This isn't about preaching, but actually embodying the teachings and becoming a beacon of light that shines the light for others who may be going through a break up, death of a loved one or just lack of purpose in life. We all have something to share. That something is not necessarily our story of what happened, but the lessons that came from it. 
I am more confident than ever that creating community and sharing what we learn and have with each other will be the salvation of this world. 
My commitment for 2013 is to create more opportunities to authentically share and create community. 
I was reminded today by two posts on FB from @HillaryRubin and @SallyKempton of the practice of writing down on a piece of paper all of the things you are done with and ready to let go of from this year and burning them in the fire. Creating space for the new. As I sit here in Big Bear, I have a fire burning and I am writing and letting go throughout the day. 
Om Agniyae Swaha!

Wishing You All a Beautiful New Year 
Create. Share. Inspire


  1. what a lovely and inspiring post! Looking forward to following your words in 2013! May it be less difficult.

    1. thank you for reading. many blessings in the new year!

  2. Tracee, that was wonderful, love you, Happy New Year! Lori xo

    1. Lori,
      Sending you a big kiss. Happy New Year.
      Love Tracee

  3. True, true and true... Tracee I haven't said it recently, but you are such wonderful friend and that beacon many times. Be warm and know you are always snuggled deep in my thoughts. Happy New Year! Love San

    1. Happy New Year San.
      Being held in your thoughts is very special indeed. Here is to love and much success in 2013

  4. Tracee,

    Your words inspire me and I can relate to your post beyond belief as I experienced so many of the same things. Thank you. Thank you for helping me grow in my journey!
    In light and love,

    Linda xo

    1. Much love to you Linda, thank you for sharing it is an honor to walk beside you on this amazing path! Hare om.