Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Winter Soltice

As we move from the darkness in to the light. Remember the quote from the Rig Veda: May the teachings of yoga lead us from the unreal to the real from the finite to the infinite and from the darkness into the light.
Take today to consider starting anew. Letting go of old habits, divesting yourself of beliefs systems and thought patterns that keep you imprisoned. Use your practice to elevate you to a place where you have a new perspective. This will allow you to see possibilities that you may not have considered. It will draw people to you who have a similar world view and create new opportunities.
There are many who are going through life transitions right now. Moving to a new place to follow a dream job and leaving loved ones behind, divorce, a new baby, moving into a dream house, foreclosure, death of a loved one, a new marriage, turning 50 or considering a new career.
Every transitional event in our lives is an opportunity to learn from the past and create a new foundation. But we must find the discipline to follow through. It takes work and commitment. If we can't commit to our own happiness and fulfillment what or who can we truly commit to?
We must ignite the fire of Agni within ourselves to burn away lethargy, activate our power center and to burn the ghosts of the past that haunt us. Fire is the key to transformation. Try learning the practice of Agni Sara to begin to stoke the fire.
Find your path, your teacher, your lineage whatever resonates in your heart and follow it with determination and resolve and watch a new way of being unfold.
Hari Om

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